Arches/Arch Sweeps/Capitals/Neck Moulds


Arches made to order

Traditional arches can create dramatic appeal to any hallway. Classics custom manufacture all arches to fit the opening and our tradesmen expertly install them to craftsmen standards.Arches consist of the: Arch Sweep Capitals/Caps Neckmoulds Trusses/Corbels Keystones Leaf or Flowers You can DIY and to buy all the components or in most cases our tradesmen provide […]

Arch Sweeps

Arch Sweep No 1

$101.90$216.10 inc. GST

Depth 27mm x width 105mm

Arch Sweep No 3

$101.90$216.10 inc. GST

Depth 23mm x width 105mm

Arch Sweep No 4

$122.35$237.80 inc. GST

Depth 38mm x width 120mm

Arch Sweep No 5

$135.85$244.50 inc. GST

Depth 35mm x width 148mm

Arch Sweep No 6

$156.85$264.95 inc. GST

Depth 40mm x width 150mm

Arch Sweep No 7

$156.85$265.95 inc. GST

Depth 35mm x width 125mm

Arch Sweep No 8

$156.85$266.95 inc. GST

Depth 50mm x width 150mm

Arch Sweep No 9

$156.85$267.95 inc. GST

Depth 50mm x width 125mm

Arch Capitals


$15.30 inc. GST

Size/mm: 200x130x30

Cap-03 Large

$25.75 inc. GST

Size/mm: 345x260x65

CAP-03 Small

$23.00 inc. GST

Size/mm: 345x150x65


$30.55 inc. GST

Size/mm: 370x170x75


$38.30 inc. GST

Size/mm: 390x210x90

Capital 01

$29.10 inc. GST


Capital 02

$29.10 inc. GST


Capital 03

$37.05 inc. GST


Capital 04

$30.40 inc. GST

Size:600x50x150 Displayed in Showroom

Capital 05

$30.40 inc. GST

Size:1000x65x140 Displayed in Showroom

Capital 06

$30.40 inc. GST

Size:550x65x80 Displayed in Showroom

Capital 07

$52.90 inc. GST


Caps CAP-01

$18.45 inc. GST

Size/mm: 185x85x35

Neck Moulds

Neck Mould No. 1

$16.00 inc. GST

Size/mm: 550x25x25 Displayed in Showroom

Neck Mould No. 2

$23.00 inc. GST

Size/mm: 230x35x35 Displayed in Showroom



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